Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot Miami Styles

Hot Miami Styles is becoming kind of big on youtube. So, I decided to check it out. A lot of their clothes are pretty trashy, tight fitting on their skinny, big chested "models." However, I've found a few cute things that I'd purchase if I had money.

Pink Gray Bandage Knit Zipper Dress
This dress is very similar to one Victoria Beckham wore. It's pretty short though :/

Black Leopard Ruffle Tier Dress
This dress is cute.

Grey Blue 2fer Ruffle Tier Babydoll dress
I like the zipper detail on this dress. The back is also inriguing.

Black Satin Knee Length Dress
Just a simple Little Black Dress

Purple Strappy Open Back Bandage Dress
This is a dress similar to one Kristin Cavallari wore. The back is really cool on this dress. Not so crazy about the front, though.

Black White Zig Zag Padded Strapless Dress
LOVE this one. If i could have one dress it'd be this one. I just love it <3

Black White Gray Padded Color Block Dress
Dulce Candy 87 got this dress. I like it a lot. It's adorable.

Orange Ombre Halter Dress
This dress is really cool. I don't think it'd look good on me though. I don't really dig the orange either, but I couldn't find another color to show you.

Black White Stripes Bandage Dress
This one is also really cute. I think the boob part would make your chest look massive, though.

Black Liquid Leggings
I have yet to purchase a pair of these. Couldn't hurt, right?

Black Multi Colored Stripes Romper
Rompers are really cute. And I find this one to be very casual and pretty! NO clue if they'd be flattering on me, though. Another one that Dulce Candy 87 has.

Black Bandage Pencil Skirt
Very modest looking AND cute! I like it! I need a pencil skirt, too! ahh!

Black Trench Coat
This jacket is a classic and I like the V neck part so it doesn't look so constricting!

Black Paris Crochet Bikini
This one isn't even REALLY a bikini. Styled after one that Paris Hilton was photographed in. I think this is an amazing alternative to us "bigger" chicks that want to wear cute bathing suits without being limited to one pieces!

Black White Pink Giraffe Cut out Pink Monokini
These "monokini" things have always interested me, I think they're pretty cool to show some more skin than a traditional one piece, but without having our gut hanging out!

That's it! Hope you like it. Anything on their site you'd like to buy?


  1. i usually don't like this website, but the things you picked out are really cute! :)

  2. I´ve bought a few dresses from there (you can check out the pictures from my blog) and i have to say that i love all of them. :) The quality is good, the prices are totally alright and they have a great customer service. :)
    Ohh btw. congrats that you got accepted for FIDM. I am sooo jealous! I wanna go there too, i am going right now through the application process and hope that i will study there one day too. :)

  3. Wow these dresses r SOO cute! LOL Not lying, especially the black bikini and orange outfit!