Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cutesy Girl Clothing

Here's another faux window shopping dealio. Except this "trip" was far more successful and WANTING more than hot miami styles. There are a lot more in this so I'm just gonna put the pic and the link because it would take me forever! xx
YES please!
For some reason I thought this was really cute.
I think Marc Jacobs makes shoes like these....cute.
Chain Stud GASM.
pretty pretty
Loves it.
More chains!
White shoes.I dig.
Never had wedges before. these are cute.
These are all natural and pretty!
More like the Marc Jacobs or whoever kind!
Purple pop of color shoes!
These intrigue me!
Never had lil moccassins either! <3
pretty !
Love the off the shoulder style. not sure how that would look on me though.
Strangely cute! Punk rock glam!
Studs! not sure how that would look on the boobs.
More studs!
Floral <3! love the zipper. adds some edge to the femininity!
Loving the sweet heart neckline!
I love yellow.
Zig Zag and padded shoulders! Loving it!
Pretty lace pattern!
Love the blazer!
That is my kind of LBD!

I just wanted to share this strange find on their site. LIPSTICK HEEL. wouldn't purchase these, so I'm not gonna link them up. but wowza.

Dear Cutesy girl. PLEASE DO NOT GET RID OF THESE ITEMS ANYTIME SOON. I want to buy them with my grade money. <3<3 pleasepleaseplease $$$!@#@#$!

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