Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fashion Fails

JUST as a disclaimer: This is in my personal, unprofessional opinion. I am just here to provide a witty commentary to things that I do not like in fashion/trends nowadays....

1. Ed Hardy

When thinking of Ed Hardy, the first thing I think of is "douchebaggery"-see, Christian Audigier, your clothes even make David Beckham look like a toolbox. And in addition, the whole "Tattoo" effect only looks a tattoo...on the skin...permanent, you know?
Celebrifailures include: Jon Gosselin, Snooki, UFGs aka Unidentified Guidos...enough said...


Boat shoes should STAY on a boat. I can only imagine these on an unattractive yacht man, who is very metrosexual.
Celebrifailures: Although I have no proof of them wearing these horrific shoes, The "Sperry's" SCREAM Scott Disick (Kourtney K baby Daddy) or Simon van Kempen (Real Househusband of NYC) ;)

3. TOM's

Now before you get your panties in a twist, I am ALL for donating to charity. Do they give those kids in Africa TOM's shoes with each purchase? I'd rather donate other shoes. These SCREAM "I wrapped a piece of fabric around my foot because I lost my shoes." They look HORRIBLE (in my honest opinion...) I cannot get into these. They make feet look ugly...and they are a pretty (ugly) penny! The's uglies will cost you anywhere from 40 to 70 bucks.
Celebrifailures: Everyone and their grandma.

**UPDATE on TOM'S** I've been getting some anonymous drama criticizing what I said about TOMS. I have made it very clear that it is my opinion on this blog and open up at the end for other people's opinions. While my disdain for TOM'S may have been harsh, I do think that people should respect my opinion, as I respect people who DO like TOM'S. I support the idea of them, I am just not a fan of the look of them at all. THANKKKKKKKKS.

4. Nude Lips

Maybe I don't like this just because I can't pull it off, but this is reffering to LIGHT ASS nude lips, with a lot of gloss, or even what is referred to as "jizz lips"
I don't think ANYONE can pull of a shade of "nude" that is their own skin tone or lighter. I think nude lips should always be darker than the skin tone or at least look a tad bit cute. Think Kim Kardashian, not Snooki.
Celebrifailures: As mentioned above, Snooki, Snooki, and Snooki.

5. Scrunchies

I cringe just from looking at the picture ^....Satiny, Velvety, shimmery, frilly, girly, cartoon character-y, whatever. Scrunchies used to be in every style. The key word is USED to be. We learned how to make these babies in 8th grade sewing class. I hope nobody actually plans on using that "Talent" ever again.
Celebrifailures: Madonna...Really?

6. SillyBandz

These are a new "Trend" I would say. I first discovered them from Youtube. They were supposed to be "Really awesome"- so I picked up 1 package for 2 bucks at CVS. I put one around my wrist and it wrist isn't THAT huge. When I found a large one to put on, I felt uncomfortable. Maybe it's the small amount of OCD in me that makes everything look straight. It just didn't look symmetrical on me, because...they're not supposed to. I instantly handed them over to my 10 year old sister, who was really excited to recieve them. My 14 year old sister soon became jealous and took one for herself. I just don't get it...
Celebrifailures: Sarah Jessica Parker, Hayley Williams (Paramore * your new best friend.*), Mary Kate Olsen

7. Thongs

I know, I know, this is probably a huge shocker. I can't stand thongs. I'd honestly rather go commando or wear spandex. They just remind me of trash...If I wanted a wedgie I would do it to my regular underwear. Butt. Floss.
Celebrifailures: apparently, a lot... there is even a whole website for it..

8. "Kandi"

Ugh. Typical through the RAVE scene. I don't even know what to say. I guess this is why they need to drug themselves up. Or is this a result of the drugs? I have nothing to say. It just reminds me of being a child...?
Celebrifailures: Celebrities wouldn't be caught dead (or even alife) at a rave, so bravo.

Reccomend some more in the comments and I will add them to a new post if I get enough!
What is YOUR "favorite" fashion fail?


  1. this makes me sad because i love my sperry's. mine are just basic brown though, none of that pink plaid shit. i agree about thongs. and kandi is ridiculous.

  2. I agree with everything accept for the TOMS. It's one of the few Vegan shoes I can find for a decent price (and for a good cause). Oh well, we'll agree to disagree there! :)

  3. toms are OK but i would never pay 40 bucks for them and they look exactly like $4 rite aid slip on shoes. AHA. i hate those sandals that are like boots? if that makes sense, idk ill find a pic but they are FUG! im going to look on hotmiamistyles for them since their clothing id always tacky. EWWW

    animal print is usually a fail, and i am not liking the whole "tuck in my shirt into my shorts with a cute leather belt trend" most people cant pull it off unless they are uber skinny

    exhibit A:

    Exhibit b:

    sadly the second girl was serious about her shirt being tucked in even though it looks uglyy