Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Goods

My future House/Apartment will be really cool.
all Items from lazy to link each one <3

USB Tulips! A MUST HAVE since I will have so many USB thingies in college. I would def get two <3

I gotta look pretty when I sleep...

Pac Man Oven Mitts are pretty G.

<3 measuring cups

Paris magnets pour le frigo.

A banana vase is just hilarious....

Coolest. Spatula. Ever.

Fun camera magnets for the fridge.

Who said a tape holder can't look good? :)

Ice cream kitchen timer is immense amounts of cute!

Microphone tongs...for the boring wait in between flipping some patties ;)

sweet scented wipes? yes please.

Cosmetics stamps. parfait for a beauty industry student <3

Brass knuckles on a cup!

Teacupcakes <3 so pretty! bake a cupcake in a teacup mold!

Picnic condiments!

a pen cap full o pens!

key usb! no one will know...

Camera keychains. perfect!

eco coffee! or tea....cup!

animal cute.

real french toast!

cupcake kit <3 i love makin em!

cupcake floss. NOM!

fashion origami. perfect for FIDM kids.

lego utensils. you can stack em.

egg molder. you can scramble em and pour it in there for a perfect heart egg mcmuffin <3

a reminder to BEEEEE HAPPY!

lip bandaids make getting hurt look fun.

diamond ice! :D

Now for some fun fashion items.:

yay for studs! idk if i like the splatter parts...makes it look a little gross ravey.

a moustache ring for humor...

precious flower rings.

camera ring. fun.

candy button wallet! how cute

diamond ring I need you in my life!

cute lacy dress.

That's it!
What do you like?
Where do you get your cute home goods?

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