Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things I want for college

Now that I am accepted to college- FIDM- I want to get a few things before I start!

1. A new laptop- I really am in the mood to get a Macbook/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air and then use boot camp to have windows on it. Let me know your input on the laptops so help me decide!

2. A handbag- I want a designer handbag just because, maybe for grad gift or something. I really like the Louis Vuitton Speedy but I doubt I'll get that- I'll probably end up with coach.

3. Magazine Rack- By college time- I'm gonna be subscribing to all the hot fashion mags that i'm not subscribed to so I can be more educated on the topic....hahah. I'd like a magazine rack that I can see all of my magazines, instead of throwing them in a bin.

4. Shoe Rack- I just throw my shoes in a bin, and by the time school comes around I'll be changing my shoes more often, so having them visible would be nice!

5. Prismacolor Markers- I'm sure since I'll have so many projects- I will need to make some sketches. To make them more professional I could get these for the artist reputation!

6. Canon Vixia Camera- I want to have a higher quality camera because mine is getting really outdated! In college I may need to film things, or do projects to make ads or something. It will also make my youtube videos better!

What do you need for college?

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