Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Back on 2009: Forecast for 2010

Here is what I remember from 2009:
January: Was fairly new to the YouTube scene, had no friends, but won my first contest! For school, I did pretty okay on my finals. But I got one C. (79.75 should be a B I TELL YOU!)

February: Started to make some friends on YouTube, my videos were still really crappy. However, I probably won a few contests.

March: I have pretty much no recollection of March at all. I started my first YouTube Contest, So then I had 200 Subscribers.

April: Contest ended, I think I became a lot better at makeup at that point. I also went to Bamboozle!

May: I don't remember much from May either. I placed in a contest, and I pumped out a lot of videos. I won another contest and I uploaded a video that petrilude and sayanythingbrooke commented on. HA!

June: Finished Junior Year with pretty dang good grades (for me at least!) I also went to IMATS and became 10x more inspired with makeup. I also started getting people sending me free makeup, which is quite interesting. And, people from school found out about my channel. I went to Vans Warped Tour twice and had a lot of fun! I snuck my camera into one!

July: I got sponsored by Glamour Doll Eyes then I believe, took my senior portrait, and got my GHD Flat Iron. I also found out I was moving, although that never panned out.

August: I went to warped tour 2 more times, and I turned 17!

September: Started my Senior Year. I broke up with my group of friends that I'd been with since freshman year and switched groups entirely. Began a fashion club with some classmates, where I am the VP. I also got pretty sick and it was probably the swine flu, but I never went to the doctors for it. This was the last month I was uploading at least a video a week. Tried out for the Rose Court. I didn't get past the first try out, but it really helped me with my self esteem!

October: I rarely made videos. I went to the rose court ball and HATED it. I went to be a cabin leader at my elementary schools Outdoor Science School in Malibu,CA. I got to wrangle 9 5th grade boys for 5 days! My grades also got pretty low because of all the missing work.

November: Worked my butt off grade wise and improved my grades a lot. I got pretty stressed out from all the work. My mom went to the Hospital.

December: I found the college I want to attend: FIDM. I began the application process and got to see the school so I knew it was perfect for me! I also saw Lady Gaga LIVE and was quite amazed... A classmate of mine passed away.

Overall 2009 was simply mediocre for me. Here's my 2010 hopeful forecast!

January: Finish my FIDM application and get ACCEPTED. Do really well on my finals so I can pass with ALL A's and B's. Getting my first debit card in the mail.. HA!

February: Drop all of the classes I don't need for graduation so I can stress out far less. Strive to get ALL A'S! Try to start driver's ed! Try to finish my job shadowing for my English classes senior research project.

March: Finish some Scholarship stuff and get some financial aid lined up for college hopefully!

April: Try to have my driving permit! Yeah, I haven't gotten it yet.... Finish the Senior Research Project!

May: Try really hard to get my grades as high as they can possibly go!

June: Ace all my finals and GRADUATE high school! Have a graduation party :) And I want to go to IMATS!

July: Visit the east coast to see family and maybe a few friends!

August: Have my license and turn 18!

September: Start preparing for College. FIDM Hopefully!

October: Start school at FIDM if I get accepted, and study really hard! Hopefully I can get a job and start making money!

November: Keep on studying really hard!

December: Try to get all A's at college and have a great holiday.

Comment with your reflections and forecasts! :)

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